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URBAN MENUS Smart Urban Design in India

The Austrian company BOA office for advanced randomness has been working on technical and multimedia innovations since 2004, simplifying integral participatory urban planning processes, so that “functioning spaces for everyone” can be created more easily. BOA has been founded by the internationally renowned architect Laura P. Spinadel.

Our latest innovation is URBAN MENUS, a training, digital participation, consulting, and cooperation service, including a 3D software for participatory & impact-oriented urban planning, which can save a huge proportion of costs due to action based on the involvement of all relevant stakeholders from the beginning.

We will now conduct a market study including the development of pilot cases in India demonstrating that achieving sustainable and future-oriented urban design is possible and affordable through employing URBAN MENUS.

we believe

that no matter how big challenges and needs are, we can still create habitats where everyone’s well-being is a priority. We want to contribute to a positive attitude and strengthen the faith by showing what can be done even in a short time with the right tool at hand.